Saturday 18 August 2012

Welsh Geek Manifesto Campaign

Thank you to all of our signatories for the Welsh Geek Manifesto campaign!

Nb. Donations are now closed.

We're now ready to collect donations via Paypal. Here's how to complete your pledge in four easy steps:

1) Enter you name in the field below (or 'anon' if you wish to stay anonymous).

2) Click on the Buy Now button. You'll be taken to a Paypal page for contributing a fixed amount (£9.95), which is the cost of purchasing one copy of the book.

3) Depending on how you choose to pay, you may be asked to enter various personal details. In case there are any concerns about privacy, please remember that we don't see any of your personal information.

4) Once you've completed the payment, please go to the pledge page and tick to indicate that you've completed your pledge.

Once we have collected all of the donations we will purchase 60 copies of the book. We will then deliver the books to the Assembly building in Cardiff, together with a personally addressed letter to each Assembly Member (AM).

Each letter will be written in English and Welsh. As well as including some basic information about the book and questions on the AM's position on various science-related issues, we aim to discuss in each letter at least one issue relevant to evidence-based policy in the AM's constituency. We will also propose a dialogue, with a view to establishing an informal advisory group for science-related issues, similar to the suggestion I made in my open letter to Jenny Willott MP

The letter will require some research on local issues. Please contact me if you would like to help us with this investigation. We will keep all of our pledgers informed about our progress and the date for the delivery event at the Assembly buliding.

On behalf of the organising team, including me, Tom Crick, Fred Boy, John Evans, Petroc Sumner, Mark Stokes and Mark Henderson, thanks for your valuable contribution to this campaign for evidence-based policy in Wales!

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