Thursday 30 July 2015

Be sure to have your say on the future of the Guardian Science blog network

It is one of the great privileges of my career to be a writer on the Guardian science blogs, where I contribute mainly to the psychology blog Head Quarters. It's nearly two years since we launched Head Quarters, and it has been great fun for all of us on the writing team (Thalia, Pete, Molly, and me) and, most importantly, I hope readers have enjoyed our posts.

The science blogs overall have been a great success for the Guardian, and we're now entering an interesting period where the structure of the blog network is being reviewed and some aspects may be revised. We now need your input as readers to ensure that any changes we make are the right ones, so if you read any of the science blogs, please have your say by completing our reader's survey

Next year we will also be launching an exciting citizen science platform, fronted by a new section of the Guardian tentatively called "Guardian Experiments". The platform will provide a workspace for hosting large-scale online research studies, including (for instance) psychology experiments, polls, and citizen science initiatives. We'll provide regular updates on this initiative, and in the meantime you can read about one of the initial projects we plan to launch on the platform here.